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How Red Glasses Led to a Green Lifestyle

My buddy Naomi and I have the same glasses. They are red, unique in a world of bespectacled people. “You two have the same glasses” other friends say, looking at us with wonder-eyes. They have known us for two years, and notice just now. We chuckle.

While our friendship may have been built upon those red frames, we fortunately have more in common than our choice of spectacles. One might say that we see things eye to eye. So when Naomi was inspired to live for a year without creating any physical waste, I was all for it. A casual conversation in the back of a lecture hall between classes was all it took for us to settle upon the hows and whats of our new lifestyle. In very basic terms, we decided that if something would end up in a landfill, we wouldn’t use it. That was several months ago. We are now a full six months into the project.

Our motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In that order.


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