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Preach or Teach?

“When I go back home, and I see how much people waste, it kinda makes me sick. But my parents are fifty, and I’m twenty, so I’m not going to try and make them change.”

These are the words of my friend Dan. And this poses a bothersome problem for me. How can I communicate about creating waste without offending everyone?

On one hand, I completely agree with the idea of respecting people who are older, who have more experience and who probably know a heck of a lot more than I do about a plethora of things. It freaks me out to even think about telling an elder that they are in the wrong, and I’m right. Plus, that makes me sound like a pretentious, unrealistic hooligan. And who is going to listen to a self-righteous rascal, let alone amend their lifestyle due to one? On the other hand, I know that creating garbage when garbageless options are available is wrong. I know that creating waste just because it is how you have always gone about life, just because it is convenient and just because everyone else does it, is wrong.

I also loath the preachers of this planet who can’t hold a conversation because they are continuously trying to convert you.

Therefore, I find that the only possible solution is to live in a manner that is as transparent as can be. To lead by example, if you will. If others want to jump on board, I’ll exclaim WAHOO! If not, let’s be friends anyway.


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One thought on “Preach or Teach?

  1. I really love the idea of leading by example. Also the adjectives used to describe yourself are fantastic! One cannot read “hooligan” and “rascal” without smiling.

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