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Despite the fact that most food comes in a package, I have found that cheap and delectable food often does not have to be wrapped in plastic. The key to limiting garbage when it comes to cooking is maintaining a well stocked pantry that has jars filled with the basics that you frequently use. Finding shops where you can buy bulk foods and get produce without packaging is also extremely helpful. Co-ops and farmers’ markets are often great spaces. If possible, growing your own food, even if it is simply a pot of herbs by the window.

Cook correct proportions and compost the scraps.

Buying food without packaging often means that extra food preparation time is required. As a college student, this was a daunting idea to me, but I found that if I planned my meals ahead of time, this wasn’t as much of a problem as I originally thought. I use a crockpot, cook large portions (often with friends), save the leftovers, soak dried food the night before and cut up vegetables on weekends.

The environmental impacts aside, I find that cooking without waste is a great way to eat healthier foods, try new recipes and creates a peaceful time in my day.


One thought on “Food

  1. Aside from limiting (or eliminating) waste, just think how much healthier you are eating!! BTW, the venison stew was awsome! More than the food, I enjoyed your lovely company and chatting about all things green and sustainable – even if I am 40 something!

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