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The Original Contract

April 29, 2011

We, the below signed, will strive to lead a limited waste lifestyle during the summer of 2011 (and beyond). We will follow these guidelines, with the ability to adjust them as need. We are up for the challenge, as we understand that this will not be an easy feat. We want to truly “walk the talk.” We will look to each other for support and accountability, as we strive to meet this challenge– and have fun along the way, with the hopes of making a model that others can follow.


Reduce, Reduce, Reduce. Then Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In that order.

Only use products that can be composted or recycled, or that have already been reused.


  • Reducing what we already have (giving away, selling, trading, etc)
  • Dumpstering, recyclable things and Bent n’ Dent* are fair game
  • Make it homemade and then buy used first (garage sales, free-cycle, salvo, savers, goodwill, etc)
  • Blog-it (journal, keep a log of what works, video?, track the time it takes)
  • Recycle the garbage can
  • Compost it
  • Community cooking and shopping in bulk (keeping track of recipes)
  • Money tracking (budgeting and looking at what is spent)
  • Track things we throw away that we already have
  • Reusable jars/containers (canning, mesh bags, glass)
  • Shipping smartly
  • Diva cups and cloth
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Electronics (second hand, energy-efficient)
  • Books (used, new only for school)
  • Medicines (natural first, prescribed are legit)
  • Homemade cleaning supplies
  • LOCALize it!

The Bent ‘n’ Dent is a local store that sells canned food, toiletries, medicines and, most importantly, coloring books that would have been thrown away by larger businesses.


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